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Offering speciality foods since 1982


Jody’s Maison Inc is a Lifestyle Store startup, owned by single mothers and run by women. When you shop, you are supporting female business owners. Globally, Canadian women rank 1st in terms of involvement with newer businesses, ahead of the U.S., Britain, and other innovation-based economies, and 6th for established businesses.

Jody’s Maison cares about our environment. When shopping, please contribute to helping sustain our beautiful earth. Shop local and buy quality products. We are in pursuit of creating true definition of well-being.

We carefully curate recipes and produce products that deserve a permanent spot in our every day diet. Food and drink that revives restores and refreshes our body and mind. Food therapy for our exhaustive days.


We own a large portion of our production so we control our finished products. Our food is made with the highest of ingredients, with a green organic environment. Our garments are moving with a sensitive moral compass. We all are more aware how important it is to wear recycled and natural clothes. Jody’s is committed to cultural diversity.
The recipes are rich in flavour, using the best ingredients, and are made with love.

We prioritize local because it minimizes the transportation-carbon output while still supporting local artisans to maintain our heritage. We create food with love, the finest ingredients, and lessons that have been passed down
from generation to generation. Please make mindful choices, and be accountable for them. Enjoy shopping with us

With love, passion, and prospective. Jody’s Maison
Bon Appetite

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